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Hello Web 2.0 Classmates! Have you seen these in your travels and wondered what they are? It's a type of 2D code called a 'QR code' and it can be used for lots of cool stuff. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, haha, is to learn about these and make your own to post to this wiki. Check out the introduction blog below by Steven Anderson, he explains things in a quick and easy way and has video demos (be sure to check out 'Black and White and Scanned All Over'). Then, play around, and have fun. After you download (free) scanner software to your mobile device, scan the QR codes on this page that I've made. My goal here is for this wiki page to be a place where we all add our own code. As to what is embedded in that code, or for what purpose, you'll find out when you scan the code below. :)


1. Steven Andersen, "QR Huh? What The Heck Is A QR Code?"
2. Play
3. Scan code on this page
4. Make your own, post to page 2

Extra Step (for fun):
if you want, watch the 3 minute 'Extra Video' below.
Extra Video

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